one-act plays by

Raymond Fast

These thrillers can be produced individually or together as a chilling double feature.

Nightmares? They're not so bad. At least you can wake up from a nightmare. Sometimes real life can be even worse ...

And you don't wake up from real life.

What do real monsters look like? The real monsters are the ones that live within all of us - the ones that, in most cases, never see the light of day. They quietly, harmlessly dwell in the shadows of the psyche, patiently waiting, watching for a crack. Then they become very, very dangerous.

In the words of Norman Bates, "We all go alittle mad sometimes. Haven't you?" What happens when ordinary people just like you find themselves in extraordinary circumstances? Sometimes they become heroes. Sometimes they go a little mad.

Scorned and Touched are not just horror for the sake of horror ... the scariest part of this pair of plays comes at the end - when the audience leaves thinking, "My God! That could really happen!"

Scorned  (run time, about 55 minutes)

     Three travelers discover that they may have too much baggage when they find themselves stranded in a mountain wilderness during a relentless winter storm. It's a fight for survival against the elements - and each other. Temperatures drop and tempers rise when what begins as a cold day in hell proves to have no fury like a woman scorned.

     This one-act explores emotional repression and release as two sisters deal with fear, grief, jealousy, and rage while confined by injuries and the elements to a remote, makeshift shelter with a crippled man who is husband to one and lover to the other. Secrets are exposed, skeletons come out of their closets, and vengeance takes on the flavor of innocent flesh.

     Scorned is set along a remote section of West Virginia Route 150. Also known as "Highland Scenic Highway," this road runs through a twenty-mile stretch of isolated mountain back country and is not maintained in winter. It's not uncommon for tourists unfamiliar with the area to try it as a shortcut to the ski resort at Snowshoe Mountain and find themselves stranded in snow drifts four to five feet deep. The play is dark and cold and keeps audiences on the edge of their seats from beginning to end with high drama.

     Due to sexual content and graphic violence, Scorned is intended for mature audiences and is not appropraite for children (or anyone with a weak heart).

Touched  (run time, about 40 minutes)

     What's a girl to do when her overbearing parents keep interfering with her romance? Candy just wants to live a normal life ... but things are never really normal once you're touched.

     This macabre one-act explores how long term abuse, mass murder, and feeding dogs raw hamburger made from human flesh can lead to dysfunction in the home (go figure). Originally inspired by a 1976 pop song, Norman Bates, and Sweeney Todd, this adult horror tale is peppered with tongue-in-cheek humor and sexy underwear.

     Although a little over the top in terms of dark humor, Touched was heavily researched during the development process as experts in sexual abuse and law enforcement were consulted to create a story that is horrifyingly plausible. The abuse of children is no laughing matter and this play explores how far a human being can be pushed into seemingly surreal behavior by the trauma. This play is written and should be produced with the entertainment of the audience as the primary motive - but with deference given to it's message.

     Due to violence and strong sexual content,Touched is intended for mature audiences and is not appropraite for children.

     Production stills from the 2012 production of Scorned (directed by Carolyn Choe) and Touched (directed by Barry King) are courtesy of Out of Box Theatre, Marietta, Georgia, and are protected by copyright.

Scorned and Touched are available for production individually, but make a great double feature (think "Hallowe'en").
For more information or to receive a copy of the script to review, contact playwright Raymond Fast.

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