The Scrapbook: A Modern Christmas Carol


Raymond Fast

You can't buy happiness!

... Nice thought until your money runs out.

Since Gary's heart attack, he and wife Micki have lost their business, home, and savings. Now Gary thinks their kids and grandkids would be happier not traveling across country to visit them for Christmas. Can the memories awakened by a scrapbook remind Gary that love has no price tag, needs no trappings, and is worth more than anything money can buy? 

     A timely retelling of the holiday classic,The Scrapbook: A Modern Christmas Carolis a family darma, sometimes tense, frequently hilarious, that will engage young and old alike.

     This full-length, two-act play was written with community theatres in mind. The single set is easily achieved in practically any theatre configuration. Costumes are simple and the one special effect can be accomplished with just a little set-building ingenuity.

     The adult roles do not accommodate doubling and require seven actors (3 male and 4 female). The two adult leads are challenging roles suitable for experienced actors. The remaining adult characters appear during the last ten minutes of the play and are ideal for beginning or novice actors. Filling these latter roles serves the additional purpose of supervision backstage which will be required if many children are cast.

     There are seventeen speaking roles for children which can be cast with as few as four actors (two boys and two girls). As with the adult roles, most of the children's roles are fairly simple while a few are more challenging. Notes attached to the character list provide suggestions for casting, but the options are limited only by the director's resources and imagination.

     Beside the speaking roles, a children's choir provides an opportunity to include as many young people as desired. All songs are traditional Christmas carols and are in the public domain.

     The Scrapbook: A Modern Christmas Carol is aperfect choice for any theatre looking for a fresh holiday production that will delight every member of its audience and cast. For more information or to receive a copy of the script to review, contact playwright Raymond Fast .


Production stills from the world premier of The Scrapbook: A Modern Christmas Carol, directed by Laura Demain, are courtesy of The Pumphouse Players, Cartersville, Georgia, and are protected by copyright.

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